About Us

Hesketh King Treatment Centre

The Salvation Army Hesketh King Treatment Centre is in operation as a registered treatment centre treating substance abuse for years and is run under the administration of The Salvation Army Southern Africa Territory.

We all know that substance abuse is the major underlying cause of all crime, violence, abuse, etc. It destroys lives and relationships; it robs people of their self-worth and dignity, very often leaving them with nothing. Not many people are sympathetic towards those who use and abuse substances and we can understand why.

We know that one life has a ripple effect on homes and communities, where studies show that one individual abusing a substance directly affects 16 other individuals. One life directly influences another and this is why our programme is so important.

When one individual’s life is changed – when one man once again becomes a caring father, a loving husband and a positive influence in his community – change starts to take place. The police and government can only do so much, but unless a heart change takes place, not much will change.

The aim of rehabilitation care and support programs is:

  • To enable clients to have safe environment to work through issues.
  • To engage in rehabilitation programs.
  • To support clients and their families to overcome addiction and abuse in a practical way.
  • To provide spiritual care that will result in life change.

Mission Statement

The Salvation Army an international movement is an integral part of the Christian Church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by love for God. Its mission is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

The mission of Hesketh King Treatment Centre is to provide a compassionate healing ministry in the name of Christ, where the dignity, self-worth, rights and responsibilities of the individual patient, family and staff members are respected.

Vision Statement

Hesketh King Treatment Centre has incorporated the vision as set out by the Salvation Army to be A Haven of Help, Hope and Healing in our area of the vineyard.

Because we believe that God has raised up The Salvation Army, we believe that Hesketh King Treatment Centre is an important part of the mission field of The Salvation Army.

For Hesketh King to be A Haven of Help, Hope and Healing we would like to see the following areas emphasized and developed.

  1. Staff that are motivated, fulfilled and equipped and who has the vision and mission of The Salvation Army at heart.
    • Staff Development and team building
    • Basic Understanding of The Salvation Army, our Vision and Mission
  2. Patients who want help and are motivated for change.
    • The first impressions are lasting – help with motivation
    • To admit patients who are motivated for change
    • To keep patients motivated for change
  3. A Challenging Programme
    …that will challenge and motivate patients towards sobriety.
    …that will meet the individual needs of the patients (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually)
    …that will encourage the spiritual care and development of the patients with the transforming message of Jesus – bringing freedom, hope and life.
    …that will provide support and practical guidelines for family members.
    • Programme Content – Continuous Development and Evaluation
    • A programme focused on the restoration/healing/building of relationships – with God, with me, with family, and with my community.
    • A programme that will lead to life change.
  4. A loving environment that will attract, stimulate and uplift individuals to be the best they can be – not only in relationships but also the buildings and property.
    • Loving, helpful and caring environment
    • A home away from home
    • Buildings that are well maintained and attractive
    • Property that is well kept
  5. A Positive Outreach into the Community
    • Using every opportunity to share the Gospel message of Jesus Christ
    • Creating Awareness of Hesketh King and helping the Prevention of Substance Abuse
  6. Maintain Business Integrity
    • Honest, Timorous and Accurate Reporting – PAWC/DHQ
    • Honest, Timorous and Accurate Financial Return – PAWC/DHQ