Hesketh King Treatment Centre

Your contribution will help us to continue making a difference.
We have people on our waiting list that want help but cannot afford it.

We are looking for anyone who would like to partner with us in this ministry and so make more beds available for those who cannot afford treatment. We need to be there when they cry for help; if not, the person soon loses the courage while waiting and just simply gives up.

What can YOU do?

Invest in a life: ‘Making a difference – one life at a time’
You can help us in the following ways.

  • Through your prayers – we have many challenges … but by God’s grace and through His strength we share in many victories.
  • Due to us working with individuals coming from vulnerable communities they often don’t have the means to provide daily essentials. We try to provide where we can and thus any donation would be greatly appreciated.

Our banking details:
Bank: First National Bank
Account Name: TSA Red Shield
Account Nr: 50540087604
Branch: 251905

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