Youth Programme

Hesketh King Treatment Centre


  • Referrals to the centre can only be made by social workers. Where possible prospective patients are interviewed and assessed prior to their admission.
  • Pre-admission counselling (by the external social worker) also serves as motivational preparation for treatment. Contents of admission procedure to be communicated to referral agencies and the public (awareness). The centre has documented communications to appropriate referral sources to describe its admission criteria and policy and to publicize available admission times.
  • The social worker needs to understand that the adult patient will be referred to them for after- care after completion of the programme.
  • Accessibility: The Centre is accessible and available in terms of entry dates and -times and prioritizes admissions according to clinical indicators for treatment such as the risk, urgency and stress to the patients, their families and their communities. Due to our location transport will be made available to and from the nearest train station (Muldersvlei station).
  • Admission criteria: HKTC has a clear inclusion and exclusion criteria for admission determined by the Centre’s Definition and Scope of Practice. This admission criterion is shared with the relevant referral agents and the public.
  • The programme focuses exclusively on treatment for acute/chronic addiction. Treatment is individualized and implemented by a multi-professional team.

Admission Criteria

  • Males between the ages of 16 and 20.
  • Primary diagnoses of acute to chronic alcohol or legal/illegal drug dependency.
  • Live within the Western Cape Province (in order to qualify for a subsidized bed by the Department of Social Development).
  • Parents/Family must be willing and able to visit regularly as well as attend one family programme and individual session if needed.
  • Applicants have to be self-motivated to lead a substance free lifestyle.
  • All applicants have to be psychiatrically stable.
  • All applicants have to be cognitively and emotionally able to benefit from the programme.
  • The programme may not be interrupted by court cases or other personal matters. It is in the patient’s be interest to have his full focus on the programme.

Exclusion Criteria

  • Any one whose primary problem is not related to that of Substance Abuse (i.e. psychiatric or medical)
    this needs to be dealt with before admission to the programme.
  • Someone who need physical help in any way.
  • Acute psychotic or suicidal individuals.
  • Individuals who are addicted to heroin or alcohol who have not been detoxified.
  • Individuals who require constant supervision- for their own safety and for the safety of others.

Screening and Assessment Interview

  • The Centre admits and accepts only those applicants who meet the admission criteria as determined by a pre-admission screening process.
  • The Centre ensures that there are adequately skilled and accredited staff to undertake the admission process.

Documentation necessary to initiate the admission procedure

The following documentation must be completed and emailed/faxed to Hesketh King Treatment Centre for the attention of the Admission Officer

The Screening process for an assessment date

  • Identification of the type(s) of substances used and the timeframe of use.
  • A provisional psychiatric observation according to the DSM-V or ICD 11,that determines if the applicant
    has a substance dependency and the likelihood of other co-morbid conditions
  • Identification of the current intoxication status and need for detoxification.
  • Brief social history and needs assessment.

On acceptance of the application documents, the application forms are given to the case manager for screening and the medical report is submitted to the medical department for screening.

Should the applicant meet the criteria for admission, and he demonstrates to be motivated for treatment, his name is then placed on the waiting list.

The external social worker/family member/court are then contacted by the admission officer for an assessment with possible date.

The outcome of the motivational assessment interview by the therapists will determine if the applicant will be admitted on the same day for the duration of the 7 week in-patient programme.

The aim of the assessment interview

  • To assess the suitability of the programme to the specific needs of the patient.
  • To assess the level of willingness for treatment.
  • To assess motivation for change.
  • To introduce the patient to the programme.
  • To give information to the applicant and his family about substance abuse.
  • To assess possible intervention methods ad techniques for the patient and if he can fulfill these requirements.
  • To determine the expectations from the family and to explain the expectation from the programme of the individual.
  • To establish lines of communication.
  • To prepare the individual for the therapeutic intervention.


Applicants must please arrive at 9h00 for admissions with the required items as stated in the “What to bring” document.
On admission applicants need to be tested for Alcohol- and Drug use by the medical department.

Admission forms need to be completed by the applicant and one family member/significant other.
These forms include:

  • Contract for admission.
  • Patient Data Form.
  • Dismissal and criminal offences policy.
  • Completion of SACENDU form (MRE) for statistical purposes.

The patient’s personal items will be searched on arrival for prohibited items eg. substances and weapons. These items, if found in possession will be confiscated.
Finding of any prohibited items after the family/ significant others have left may result in the applicant being dismissed from the programme.

Family members are requested to fetch their loved ones from the programme, when he decided to sign refusal of treatment (ROT) or have been disciplinary discharged, within the normal working hours unless specifically arranged for another time. Loved ones not fetched within the specified times and who are older than 18 years of age will be dropped off at the nearest SAPD Station (Klapmuts) and should be fetched there.